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We offer free study classes on Vedanta. Classes provide an interactive platform to discuss, question and analyse the philosophy therein. The philosophy of Vedanta develops the human intellect. The capacity to think, reason and judge before acting. With a developed intellect one is able to deal with the challenges of life effectively. 

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To join a study class please contact Dhimant Shah 
Phone: +65 9663 5499
Email: dhimant_71@yahoo.com

Latest Past Events

Practical Vedanta

Skype (Online)

Have you been finding it difficult to apply the Vedantic teachings in daily living? Are you looking for some practical guidance? Join the session on “Practical Aspects of Vedanta” Every… Continue reading Practical Vedanta

Group Discussion

Skype (Online)

Knowledge of Vedanta is gained by listening to discourses and reading the prescribed books. But the conversion of knowledge into living wisdom needs independent reflection. The ideal time for reflection… Continue reading Group Discussion